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Don't forget that it's that time of month again and if you are in the area this Thursday to come to our GMR Breakfast Gathering.  Call or email your friends and remind them.  Not everyone has email or a computer.

If you'd like to have material included on this site or in one of our monthly videos (pictures, audio, video), please contact Steve Rohde. We'd love to include you!




  New: See January and February,

Virtual Meetings!

Because of the Pandemic, we canceled our breakfast meetings

starting in March. We recently switched to Zoom & plan to

move forward with Zoom until we can safely meet again!


Please see Frank Jamerson's interesting articles:

“History and Prospects for Electric Vehicles and Electric Bikes: Pathway to Sustainable Carbon Free Energy and Transportation” and


Check the History page for aditional interesting  materials.

       GMR  Virtual Meeting Thursday, March 18, 2021 at 10AM.